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Dear Fic Corner Scribbler,

First, thank you so much for this! Here are things I like or dislike in general, and ideas for each fandom. I know this looks rather long, but I'm just trying to make it as detailed as possible in case that makes it easier for you. I adore each and every one of these books, so getting fic for any of them will make me a very, very happy person!

General stuff:

Ratings-wise, I’m fine with anything. I’m fine with (of age, consensual) sex scenes if that’s where the story’s going - though gen fic is equally awesome! I’m not too fond of highly detailed graphic violence, but if it’s absolutely necessary to your fic, go ahead.

Feel free to look through my LJ for inspiration :) There's a (somewhat outdated) masterlist of fic and a link to tumblr on the sidebar, too.

Story-wise: A good plot, a character piece, an exploration of friendship or romance, an adventure, a quiet moment, a missing scene, a different POV to the canon... Any and all of these are great! Gen, het, slash, femslash, are all fine. I'm not a huge fan of AUs. With crossovers it depends on the fandoms - essentially if there's a reasonable way for them to meet, I enjoy them.

Things I like: friendship, friends helping each other out, humour, banter, nerdiness, science, happy (or happy-ish at least, not overwhelming despair) endings, worldbuilding, sibling love (and family interactions in general)...and a great many other things! These were just the first that came to mind.

Things I dislike: suicide (I’d prefer it if you didn’t kill anyone - other than canon deaths - but if you absolutely must, please avoid suicide!), noncon/dubcon, incest, gratuitous violence, underage sex, unrelieved gloom and angst, character/ship bashing.

Fandom specific:
obviously, all optional details are optional! I'm just giving them in case you're interested :) Spoilers abound I’m afraid, so if there’s something on here you’re interested in reading and haven’t yet, I’d avoid that section. In all of them, feel free to include any other characters, nominated or not.

Chalet School series - Hilda Annersley, Nell Wilson

I just love these two women. They’re quite different in many ways, but they complement each other perfectly. I ship them, but I’d also be happy with their friendship. A few ideas:
  • Their first meeting and the start of their friendship, back in Tirol.
  • Dealing with unruly schoolgirls (in any stage of the school’s life)! The middles’ absurd pranks are always fun.
  • The challenges either or both of them faced when they first took up the Headship of the school.
  • Hilda’s recovery - there’s Nell’s visit to her at half-term mentioned in “Mystery”, and she shows up for the play, but really we don’t get much of it! Or her return to the school - we don't exactly see much of it from her perspective.
  • Learning to work together as co-Heads - how easy or hard was it? Did they clash a lot?
  • Reuniting after the first term of the Oberland branch (ie, between “Shocks”/ “Oberland” and “Bride”).
  • Retiring - did they stay in Switzerland, go back to England, split time between the two, go somewhere else entirely? Perhaps they travel before settling down, visit Old Girls scattered around the globe... how do the School and St Mildred’s say goodbye to them? Who takes over as Head?
Swallows and Amazons series - Jim Turner, Timothy Stedding

I was re-reading Pigeon Post r(you know, as you do - pick it up to check one detail, wind up reading the whole thing :P), and wound up really interested in the relationship between Jim and Timothy - as you can see in this tumblr post and its tags and notes http://elennare.tumblr.com/post/117997906432/my-brothers-in-england-too-this-postcard
I did rather wind up shipping them this time around, so if you want to write it as a romantic relationship I’d love that (though I really don’t want angsty ‘no-one must ever know’ plotlines; obviously they’d have to be discreet given the time period, but I’d rather it wasn’t the main focus). I’d be equally happy seeing their friendship, though.
A few ideas:
  • Their meeting in South America (Brazil, presumably, from the matchbox) - what precisely was each of them doing there? I have an idea Jim does Intelligence work at least part of the time, if that catches your fancy.
  • That letter Jim never posted to Molly, explaining things - what did it say? And why on earth didn’t Jim think to warn the obviously shy Timothy there was a good possibility there would be a bunch of children around?
  • The houseboat battle Nancy was planning at the end of Pigeon Post, and which Jim calmly roped Timothy into - I like to think it happened before the Walkers decamped for Pin Mill.
  • Timothy meeting Aunt Maria properly - are they mutually horrified, or does he somehow manage to make a good impression on her?
  • If you go for the romance route, Molly having known Jim’s gay since they were kids - I imagine they were each other’s sole confidantes, pretty much, and know everything about each other - , being happy he’s finally found someone, and teasing him mercilessly about the whole thing, along the lines of “You finally send me a postcard with actual writing, and it’s ‘love to Timothy’? I should have known”, would probably be huge fun! (She probably wouldn’t tease Timothy, because he’s so shy, but her brother would be fair game).

Wayward Children series

I absolutely love this series - I’ve always enjoyed portal fantasies, and the way these books handle it fascinates me. I’d be thrilled with fic for any or all of the characters nominated! A few ideas:
  • Nancy’s time in the Halls of the Dead - either her first visit, or her return, or both.
  • The rest of Nancy’s term at the school - how do she, Kade, and Christopher deal with the aftermath of everything that happened?
  • Loriel’s world is one that especially fascinates me from the glimpses we get of it, I’d love to see more of her adventures there.
  • Eleanor - her childhood and her Nonsense world, her decision to start the school (who runs the sister school? And it’s implied there are others around the world, too - how did it all start?), the students she’s seen come and go.
  • Jack and Jill - what happens after they return to the Moors? Does Jack manage to bring Jill back, and if so how does Jill deal with not being able to become a vampire now? Or their first visit to the Moors - I’ve read ‘Down Among the Sticks and Bones’ and loved it, anything in that time would be great.

The Whispering Mountain - Arabis Dando

A so far non-existent fandom, so, seriously, anything will make me happy!

I love, love, love Arabis with her self-confidence, her love for her father and her friends, her courage, her knowledge of old medicines, her compassion… Tell me about Arabis. Anything you like!
  • Adventures on the road with her father.
  • Her first meeting with Owen, and their subsequent journeying together.
  • Befriending and training Hawc.
  • Her life after the end of the book - what does she do? Does she enjoy school? How do her summer travels go? Maybe she visits the Seljuk of Rum, or Prince David…
  • Does she ever play the golden harp?


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