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I failed my Maths Analysis final. I have to retake it the 7th of July. There go my holidays.

And its all my own fault. I didn't study the right way, I didn't practice as much as I should have and I didn't study enough. Heck, I studied  more for Algebra, which I like more and understand a lot better! And there's the heart of it, really - I don't like Analysis so much, so I didn't dedicate enough time to it. I'd done fine in the partial exams, so I thought I'd be ok in the final. ASS.

Still, focus on this the right way. I failed this time? I've got 10 days to study, study I will, and I will not only pass, I will pass well. I'll get the best mark I can, and I'll know that if I don't get the top mark, it was bad luck, or an actual mistake I didn't spot, not just my own laziness and lack of studying. 

Am I angry? Yes, with myself. Did I know I'd not done my best? Yes, though I hoped to pass. Will I keep the resolutions of the pargrapgh above? YES.

Elen_nare signing out.
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Tu inscripción a Examen no puede realizarse porque te inscribiste como Regular y no tenes la cursada de la Materia 0035 o la cursada se vence antes de la Fecha del Examen.

"Your inscription for the Exam cannot be completed because you chose the option"Regular" and you have not taken Subject 0035 or the regularity expires before the Exam Date"

But if I check the regularity on the same effing site, I get

(0035) INTROD. A LA FISICACom. 1 Regular05/03/2009ActivaPromocional20091° cuatrimestreVer...
In other words, I'm not just "regular", I don`t have to take the exam because I got more than a 7 in all three partial exams! So I should be able to do the inscription without any problems whatsoever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The same thing happened with Algebra yesterday, but then it worked, so I thought they'd have sorted them all right. What an incredibly stupid thing to think. I must be delusional.

The whole university uses the same blessed Guarani 3W system, and everybody thinks it's useless. I wonder why!

And on a different subject, why aren't "unimpressed" and "sarcastic" on the mood list?

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I have my second physics exam tomorrow. If I get more then 7, I don't have to take the final exam, so I really want to do well. I think I'll be ok - I can do all the practice problems, and we got together to revise with some friends, so I'm fairly sure I know everything. I'm still a bit nervous though.

We're allowed to have printed notes and books in the exam, so I've just spent half an hour typing up all the formulae. Very tiring, especially with all the symbols, but I think they've come out rather well.

Formulae under cut )


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