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Title: Catch More Flies
Fandom: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (TV)
Rating: G
Length: 721 words
Content notes: set during season 2, before "Blood at the Wheel".
Author notes: For the 'honey' challenge at fan_flashworks. Also for my trope_bingo "fluff" square - this is pretty much pure fluff. I have no regrets ;)
Summary: “Well, you know the saying, ‘you catch more flies with honey than vinegar’,” Phryne replied teasingly. “And I can be very persuasive.”

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Title: Zoom
Fandom: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Rating: G
Artist Notes: made in under an hour, for the "Z" challenge at [livejournal.com profile] fan_flashworks.
Summary: 5 icons, made by "zooming in" on different parts of the same picture.

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Title: Weapon of Choice
Fandom: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Rating: G
Artist notes: Made for the "diamonds and pearls" challenge at [livejournal.com profile] fan_flashworks Edited in GIMP. Made in less than an hour - because the new episode was about to start ;)
Summary: Phryne and her pearl-handled revolver

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(Had another go at this - It's really fun, you get such odd prompts, and you're writing for five different fandoms at the same time!)

1: Pick five fandoms.
2: Visit this site to find your first RANDOM POEM OF POWER. Write down the 5th line (yes, even if it's an E.E. Cummings poem and you wind up with an apostrophe). Repeat five times and - you guessed it - list 'em in alphabetical order! (No cheating, mind! This is a challenge and it's always been about creativity.)
3: I think you can see where this is going. Write a very quick 50-word half-drabble for each fandom (try to do it all in one sitting - make your brain explode!), using the line from the poem as a prompt. You don't have to include it in the half-drabble - it's just inspiration.
4: Bravo! Have a cookie.

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